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Daniel Biro
Composer, Producer, Keyboard Player
Ambient Electronic Jazz Synth Prog Improv
A true world citizen, Daniel grew up absorbing a diversity of cultures and languages. The result is a multi-layered, multi-cultural exploration of the emotional and spiritual complexities of life. A sonic magic-realism.

With a passion for the Rhodes electric piano, analogue synths and hooked on all things electronic, Daniel’s sound is a unique combination of his early influences (70s jazz-rock, Berlin-style cosmic synths, ECM label-style jazz, Motown soul and West-coast rock) as well as more experimental ambient electronic minimalism. 

Daniel has released over 20 albums on his Sargasso label. Most recently he has collaborated with Camel bass-player/vocalist Colin Bass on 'Still', a collection of ambient songs, and has released a series of solo synth albums taken from his monthly 'Synthrospections' livestream concerts.

“Daniel Biro’s musical wizardry amalgamates complex layers of sonic tessellations and gravity-defying textures into confections of pure elegance. This is ambient music as it should be, immanent and transcendent, yet revelatory. It’s simply sublime.” 

- Randolf Radic
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